OH no Type Company.

Aesthetic Union

James Tucker, the artist, printer, and founder of Aesthetic Union wanted an analog feel in this world of perfectly plotted vectors, and I was happy to break out the brushes and try my hand. The only problem is my facility with a brush is far from professional, so I have to make attempt after attempt before I can finally assemble the winners into a single piece, and set the losers on fire in my backyard. So much for a true analog!




Aesthetic Union

Creative Direction

James Tucker



Aesthetic Union

Before we settled on the casual brush, I doodled my little heart out. Sadly the reverse contrast lombardic capitals (lower right) were not picked.

Aesthetic Union

For good measure, and perhaps out of embarrassment for my insecure brush strokes, I did lay down some vectors…

Aesthetic Union

…which can be totes useful.

Covik Sans Bold
Covik Sans Regular
Covik Sans Regular Italic
Ohno Blazeface 18 Point
Covik Sans Bold Italic
Vulf Mono Light Italic
Vulf Mono Bold Italic