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Sharon Green Lettering & Illustration

Brett MacFadden and Scott Thorpe were my typography teachers while I was studying at California College of the Arts. I always get stoked when they toss jobs my way, especially when they're handling the difficult task of client relations for me! The prompt for this one was simple: make a good version of what you see below.




Sharon Green

Creative Direction

MacFadden & Thorpe



Sharon Green 01

The lovely sketch provided by Brett and Scott. As they say: ”Shit in, shit out.” So although this was the starting point, I had to find some reference of oak leaves and acorns that was a little higher resolution.

Sharon Green 02

Sometimes it's interesting to see a combination of type and image, instead of just superimposing them together. This was a fun experiment, but at the same time, quite ugly!

Sharon Green 03

I went back to the scan, and tried to draw a better version, while testing out different options for shading the leaves.

Sharon Green 04

Once a decision was made, I came though with a tiny water color brush and mumbled, “Don’t fuck up” over and over to myself while I inked it in.

Sharon Green 05

Once inked, I scanned the little bastard in, and painstakingly vectored everything manually. Though this isn't the most creative work, I sure enjoy the before and after!