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Vulfpeck North America Tour Posters

In June 2017, Vulfmon hit me up for some gig posters. Obviously, custom typefaces are more my jam, but it’s fun to get out of my wheelhouse every once in a while, especially for something with a nice printing budget. Gig posters are a tough assignment. Fully embodying the breadth of a band’s performance is a task too daunting for any one image, so I usually work a simple concept to death. Vulfpeck’s sound is largely shaped by Motown’s golden era, so my ideas centered around that for the most part. Obviously, there was going to be some Vulf Mono for supporting type, so that was another constant. Finally, Jack suggested metallic gold on black, which I was all about. Those three ideas helped lay the foundation for a few proposed directions.





Creative Direction

Jack Stratton



Vulf 1

The first direction began with an iconic logo or piece of lettering, but in Vulf redux. From left to right: Fender Jazz Bass headstock graphics, Fender Rhodes emblem, and the Bernard Purdie kick drum graphics. Depending on the city, I proposed finding something that relates geographically.

Vulf 2

Option number 2 took the opportunity to make a set of posters produce a larger image. This was a pretty bad idea for a few reasons. How cool is a posters with a huge u on it? Not as cool as v. The benefit is that because Vulf Mono is monospace, the type lended itself naturally to this concept. Unfortunately there are 9 cities in the series, so we would have had to do "vulfpeck!" or something.

Vulf 3

The simplest idea was to simply start with a dope typeface popular in the heydey of phototypesetting (basically the 60s and 70s), and draw a custom version that looks good at this huge size. Cons: hyphenating city names isn't ideal, but they'd have to all fall on two lines for the series to make sense. We went ahead with this one.

Finished Posters Vector 3

For Denver, we used Motter Ombra, Ann Arbor was a psychadelic Deutschmeister, and Minneapolis was a bizarre Lombardic thing that is completely illegible, and was eventually changed.

Finished Posters Vector 2

Brandywine (in all caps), Sintex (but a blobby higher contrast version), and Pretorian.

Finished Posters Vector 1

Siegfried (slightly more funky), Eckmannschrift (decidedly more funky) and Davida.

Real Posters 3

Everything got printed 24" × 36" in metallic gold on black paper by Ann Arbor Tee Shirt Company, which apparently does posters as well.

Covik Sans Bold
Covik Sans Regular
Covik Sans Regular Italic
Ohno Blazeface 18 Point
Covik Sans Bold Italic
Vulf Mono Light Italic
Vulf Mono Bold Italic