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Ohno Radio Episode 13: Jaimey Shapey


Today I'm talking with Jaimey Shapey, who is yet another graduate of Type@Cooper in New York. You know those people that come out of high school, and seem to immediately be on a path? They graduate in four years and get thrust into doing what they're gonna do when they're like 22? That was NOT ME, but it seemed to be the case for Jaimey. I first met her through Type Crit Crew about a year ago, and was wondering how she was doing, so I invited her to come on the podcast to catch up, and I'm really glad I did. Jaimey is really funny, candid, sincere and really fun to talk to. Our conversation spanned a lot of topics, I learn who Thanos is, she talks about how Jeff Keedy kept her in check, but mostly I just wanted to talk to her about her tweets.


You can see more of Jaimey's work here and here.

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