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Man, I didn't learn anything in art school. Psych! I learned a ton: how to critique, how to be critiqued. How to be a litigator for decisions. How every choice should be justified, logical, and systematic. And then I learned sometimes to throw all that out the window. That’s what happened with Ohno Casual.

Ohno Casual Light

“Casuals” or “single stroke” letters are a super standard sign painting style. It’s efficient, designed for ergonomics, and speed. Ohno Casual looks a bit different, and features many choices that honestly, I struggle to rationalize. There is a weight axis, which is pretty standard. There is a contrast axis, that’s less standard. This creates a designspace across which the style move diagonally. That’s not standard at all. Also, there are some squiggly alternates, and a dingbat font? The dot of the i is tiny. We’re left with a package that actually gives more questions than answers. But the most important question might be, “Why not?”

Ohno Casual Textile


Ohno Casual Thin


Ohno Casual Light


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Ohno Casual Textile A-Z
Non lining figures
Non-lining figures.
Textile numbers
Ohno Casual Textile 1-9 across all 10 stylistic sets.
More punctuation
Some punctuation.
Case sensitive punctuation
Case-sensitive punctuation.
designed by James Edmondson, Corinne Ang, Jamie Otelsberg, and Colin Ford.
Alternate M N and W
Alternate M, N, and W.
Designed in 2022.


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