OH no Type Company.

Irregardless Variable
Irregardless Regular Italic


Irregardless Bold Italic

4 weights in Roman & Italic, with some surprises

Irregardless Black Italic

like a ridiculous containers style, and some bizarre OpenType features

Irregardless Containers

aaaa bbbb cccc dddd ggggg hhh iiii jjjjj lll

Irregardless Light

Some projects are a clear-cut path. Hobeaux Rococeaux for instance was as much of a straight line as something can be: take Hobeaux, make it Rococeaux. You can describe the font using only the name! ¶ Irregardless exists at the other end of the spectrum. I have no idea where it came from, and for much of the time I spent working on it, I had no idea where it was going. It was an exercise in fighting my impulses and drawing habits to create something that felt new and uncomfortable.

Irregardless Containers

nnn oooo qqqqqq rrrrr ssssss ttttt uuuuuu vvvvv yyyy

Irregardless Black


Irregardless Black Italic


Irregardless Bold


Irregardless Bold Italic

Oh, hey Whatsyername!

Irregardless Regular


Irregardless Regular Italic


Irregardless Light

{Cielo de Marisco}

Irregardless Light Italic

please call: 800-223-2365

Irregardless In Use
Irregardless 1
"Change" Animation
Irregardless 3
The Q’s Pocketbook of Treasures
Irregardless 4
Pineapple Market Day IPA beer label
Irregardless 2
Bon Appétit 2021 Restaurant Issue
Unicase alternates
Alternate heart dot i and alternate lowercase form of E.
Plenty of options for typographic seasoning.
Sparkles by typing 11111 in the Containers style
The .notdef is always a good opportunity for our logo.
Non lining figures
Non-lining figures.
Heart dots
Stylistic Set 04: Heart dots
Stack dingbats from the Containers style to make weird flowers.
We should take a note from Julien Priez and always add eyeballs wherever possible.
Containers alphabet
Use the Containers style for whatever—even to make more alphabets!
These things really come in handy. If you design cereal boxes.
The Containers style has some bubbles too.
Bizarre O
Stack Container objects to make weird Os.
Alternate S and J
Alternate narrow form of S and J in Stylistic Set 03.
A variable font included with the purchase of the full family
Alternate O
Alternate wide roundies in Stylistic Set 02.
Alternate F
There is no alternate wide F, but I bet you can make one!
468 glyphs
No Cyrillic, and no Greek. Sorry!


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Covik Sans Bold
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