OH no Type Company.

Regrets superfamily

Some would say that this typeface, thanks to its light weight and high contrast has limited utility. They’d be absolutely correct. Nonetheless, I have no regrets, only Regrets.

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best seller

The type equivalent of Homer Simpson slowly backing into a hedge. We tried to disappear, but everyone seemed to notice.

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Casserole superfamily

Our interpretation of Davida isn’t quite a revival, it’s a resuscitation, with more balls than a (ooo, tricky metaphor territory to navigate here...) driving range. Phew.

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instant classic

A 96-style superfamily supporting a range of weights and widths, with italics. Obviously is on a quest to fill every pocket of negative space on Planet Earth.

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Ohno softie hero
Ohno Softie

Huggin, snuggin, bear-skin ruggin. Our softest yet is cozy, sweet, and doesn't contain a single corner. $99 for the 5 weight family.

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Ohno softie hero
Ohno Casual

A fresh take on a common genre. Six weights and a dingbat font. Haters will ask why. We ask why not.

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Retail superfamily
corporate potential

Humanist sans tend to either look bland or too expressive. But this one does both!

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Ohnotypeschool 1
Ohno Type School

For the price of a sixer, you can get a 64 page .pdf that goes over a–z in upper and lowercase. Learn the terms, conventions, and optical tricks from the whacky world of fonts.

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Regrets Major
Ohno Softie Bold
Covik Sans Regular
Covik Sans Regular Italic
Casserole Classic
Ohno Casual Medium
Ohno Blazeface 18 Point
Covik Sans Bold Italic
Covik Sans Bold
Vulf Mono Light
Vulf Mono Bold Italic
Vulf Mono Light Italic
Obviously Compressed Semibold Italic
Degular Display Bold
Retail Display Semibold
Degular Display Light