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Ohno Type School: P


The P seems simple enough, and it really is, pretty much.


P usually has a bigger bowl than R, because it has no leg occupying the bottom negative space.


The higher the waist of P, the more awkward it will appear next to letters like T and V that have large areas of negative spaceon the bottom left.


Because we have plenty of room for it, the bottom right serif on P can get pretty big.


Using both of these moves to extreme degrees makes for funky looking Ps, but they space much easier.


The lowercase p looks so similar to the uppercase, but the key differentiation is the way the bowl connects.


The bowl of p is vertically symmetrical in expansion, but translation shows a big difference top to bottom.


On occasion in translation italic designs, we get to see this cool form of p with the stem overshooting the x-height, and an entry stroke leading into the bowl.


And in expansion italic, we sometimes see this lovely form that also features the overshooting stem. P and p are not so stale after all. ✌


  • P relates strongly to R, but has a bigger bowl.
  • The construction of p depends on the contrast model.
  • I bought 12 pairs of socks, and feel like a totally new person.

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