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Ohno Type School: W


Let’s face it, the W should be called a “double-V.” That’s what it looks like, and that’s how it is built. I have heard that in many languages, that’s what it is called.


At its most basic form, we see even in a serif (in this case slab) version, the form is made up of two narrow Vs.


Sometimes the two Vs overlap in a more dramatic fashion.


When you need to make the most narrow W possible (for instance, in a monospace), you can make the apex quite short.


If any part of the W is pointy, overshoots help to maintain optical alignment.


In order to make W/w space a little nicer, we can make the outside strokes a bit more vertical, and the inside strokes at more of an angle.


And if all else fails, just throw your I into the blender and see what happens. ✌


  • The W is two Vs.
  • There are lots of options, but none of them include serifs at the bottom.
  • Don’t be a jerk on social media. Be a jerk in real life!

Next up → X.

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