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Anxy: The Masculinity Issue Inside

I wish I could take credit for beautiful spreads in Anxy. Unfortunately, editorial design remains one of the many disciplines firmly outside my wheelhouse. Or wheelapartment. Or wheeltinyhome. What I’m trying to say is design credit here goes to Anagraph.

The subject matter of this issue made both Obviously and Beastly a logical fit, but I was also thrilled to see a spattering of Covik Sans.

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Beastly on pink for an article featuring Karamo Brown. Use of primes as quotes is excusable here. It feels pretty intentional.


More Beastly.


Some Obviously alongside some lovely illustrations by Maria Medem.




Beastly. It’s such a nice touch to see the designers at Anagraph using the correct optical sizes of Beastly.


A crazy use of Obviously! The variable width here making an impact next to Terry Crews.


And of course the cover, which I already wrote about.

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