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I’m thrilled to announce a new way of bundling our fonts. Ohno Collections are intended to provide designers with a flexible and diverse group of styles to play with. We hope it will get your trying some new fonts, or make some projects easier in some way.

Display bangers 4

A few of the 23 templates that come with Ohno Display Bangers Vol. 1.


Each Collection comes with at least 20 templates. These serve as specimens, or can even be the basis of final artwork. The user has license to use and reproduce these templates just as they have license to use the fonts. All the illustrations, patters, icons, and marks are also included

The templates are in black and white, because that’s something I really believe in. The colors should always be up to you, and I’m terrible at fussing with colors anyway!

Collections Post iloveyall

An example of how a template can be quickly edited. You can even change them out of black and white and Add Noise—if that’s your thing.

Display bangers 1

Packaging designers with an affinity for outspoken letterforms might find this collection useful.

Ohno Display Bangers Volume 1

This is a group of our five most excited display typefaces, paired with Compadre Wide, a comparitively subdued all-caps style designed sing backup. We hope this collection serves as an approachable gateway into the Ohno library. Ohno Fatface is on the more conventional side of the equation, while Eckmannpsych and Digestive Two (designed by Studio Triple) live at the other end of that spectrum.

Psychedelic sampler 1

If you come to graphic design from the world of experimental rock ’n roll and recreation drug use, look no further than The Psychedelic Psampler.

The Psychedelic Psampler

Back in the second half of the 1960’s, folks like Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, and Rick Griffin (among many others) took some lessons from the Vienna Secessionists and applied it to posters for the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. The impact that their work has had on the Ohno library is tremendous. It is completely impossible to templatize their work, but, we can still have some fun! The Psychedelic Psampler is intended for folks working in music, packaging, music packaging, and weed.

Sideprojector 4

The Sideprojector Collection is designed for folks working on a new project on the side. Maybe it’s a podcast, a Youtube channel, an Etsy store. You don’t want to get bogged down in design when there is so much to be done.


Like anyone working near the field of graphic design, I get a ton of requests from friends and family members looking for some design help with their brand new project. Now I’m not here to be a naysayer, but when these people start asking about a custom typeface for their garage sale, I think to myself, “Is this real life?” Sideprojector is my escape hatch for those emails, and now it can be yours, too.

I hope Collections are useful to you, and in any case, I’d love to hear some feedback on how you use them, and how we can make them better in the future. I also want to send out huge thanks for supporting Ohno. Even just reading this, and expressing interest in the family means a lot to us. We want to make this foundry the best version of itself that it can be, so if you ever have any thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out. Much love! 🖤

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