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Ohno Radio Episode 06: Mark Simonson


On today's show I talk to the type designer and one of my personal heroes Mark Simonson. Mark might not be the most likely candidate to be a hero exactly. He's pretty low-key, very modest, very approachable, but those that know him, know he's a totally kind and talented, credit to our industry. Mark has been running Mark Simonson Studio since around 2000, and in that time has quietly and consistently been cranking out absolute bangers! He seems limited by no particular genre or style, but enjoys americana and creating as he puts it, typographic historical fiction. Navigating the business end of our industry is no easy feat, but Mark seems to handle it all with grace and a ton of success. A career in type design wasn't always the plan for Mark, in our chat I learned that a background in type design, and a one-in-a-million shot for his wife on a popular gameshow paved the way for the current chapter of his career which began well into his forties.


You can see Mark’s work on his site, or license his fonts from Type Network.

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