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Ohno Radio Episode 15: Jeremy Mickel


Have you ever seen a graphic designer act like a jerk, or act all cool, or have their nose in the air in some way because their list of clients was pretty high profile? Or they were running like a successful studio or something. Here's the antidote to that problem: Jeremy Mickel. the founder of Mckl his Eponymous foundry, and the designer of some amazing retail fonts, and a wildly impressive list of custom projects. I'm talkin Adidas, Uber, Ogilvy, logotypes for Fisher Price, American Express, Etsy, like are you kidding me? Whats interesting is the steps he took to get this this thing really goin are not shrouded in mystery. There is no secret to his success, and in our conversation he shares totally openly the things he did to make it happen. It's not easy of course, and the guy has been pounding the pavement for years, but it's not complicated either. I really admire Jeremy for his taste, and drawing ability, work ethic, his sense of where there are still gaps in the type market, but most of all, just because he's a really nice guy. So I hope you get something out of this interview with Jeremy Mickel.


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