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Ohno Radio Episode 16: Bob Aufuldish


Today we're talking to one of my favorite people of all time, Bob Aufuldish. When I was in my very first year of design school at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, another one of my favorite people, Angie Wang was my Typography 1 teacher, and she just knew that I'd love Bob, and implored me to take his class. I ended up having Bob as an instructor for 2 different semesters in my undergrad and that was a very big deal to me. Bob ended up becoming a sort of role model for his design sensibilities, his sense of humor, being an educator. Everyone loves Bob, so the question becomes, “How do we be more like Bob?” I don't think I know, but it's a good thing to imagine. Bob is primarily a print designer, a husband, a father of two, he's designed type, identities, tons and tons of books, he’s fond of wearing a striped shirt with a striped tie. He's absolutely disarmingly unpretentious and talented, which is one of my favorite combinations. Bob’s a member of the AGI, but never mentions it. When I was in school, Bob began his class by saying “This is supposed to be fun.” That idea has echoed in my brain since his class, and has basically become the mission statement of our type foundry. Bob came to my garage studio for the first ever LIVE recording of this podcast, and brought ME flowers.


Bob’s website is here, his instagram is here, and Bob’s Bookshelf is here.

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