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Ohno Radio Episode 20: Fabiola Mejía


This episode features Fabiola Mejia, the founder of the brand new type foundry, Supercontinente. I'm always urging people to start their own thing, own 100% of the work they create, and release their own stuff. Do their own marketing, make the type, just do it all, yourself. I think it's mostly because I've had a lot of fun going that way, and I truly believe in owning all of your own work. But, here's the rub: it takes an extremely specific person, and personality type to do that! It's hard. But that's why when I see people, like Fabiola, doing that exact thing, it just makes my heart happy. She's put in the time to become viciously talented, and has conviction in her own ideas that she's bringing to life on her own. So before you even listen to this, I encourage you to check out supercontinent.com if you haven't yet, and follow @supercontinente_ on Instagram, just so we have a shared frame of reference for the stuff that we talk about in this interview. Fabiola is a force of nature, she's someone I truly admire, so I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation, as much as I enjoyed having this conversation.




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