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Ohno Radio Episode 24: Kris Sowersby


I’ll be honest, this episode was recorded in July, but some things, like the work of our guest, are timeless. I talked with Kris Sowersby for almost two hours, which makes this the longest Ohno Radio episode in history. You know Kris’s work, it’s top notch, in both concept, and execution. I hate him, because he can take even the most well-trodden thing, like I dunno, Helvetica or Times, and still manage to do it in a way that even the most jaded graphic designers can find compelling. Kris’ type foundry is called Klim, and you know that already, it’s on Future Fonts, but what you might not know about is the Future Fonts Slack channel. I’ve seen Kris being super helpful, offering sound advice on topics about pricing and ethics. You know who doesn’t take a ton of time to write helpful posts there? Me!

Our conversation gets a bit raw and Kris talks about his mom sadly passing away. When I re-listened to that part, I found myself struggling to understand his grief. But since this episode, I lost my brother. So if my reaction sounds a bit like someone who’s just unable to fully empathize, well, I think my reaction now would be a little different. Anyway, sorry to be bummer! I hope you enjoy this conversation with Kris Sowersby.






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