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Ohno Radio Episode 25: Type Electives/ Lynne Yun & Juan Villanueva


Lynne Yun, what hasn’t she done? She worked at Apple, worked at Monotype, she’s got her own stuff through her foundry Space Type, she’s a calligrapher, type designer, lettering artist, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg somehow. More recently, she attended the School of Poetic Computation and has become an expert on generative typography.

Juan Villanueva, grew up in Peru, as well as New Jersey, that old classic combo. He went to Reading. He’s holding down at Monotype these days, but has an affinity for aligning himself and helping out with numerous organizations like Society of Scribes, Type at Cooper, Type West, he even started Type Crit Crew which is a free resource for type design students to meet one on one with experienced type designers for virtual critiques.

Then, Lynne and Juan, who are buds, looked at each other, and said, we don’t have enough going on, so let’s start a type school. A real one, not like Ohno Type School. An actual school with classes, and instructors, and students. It’s an ambitious undertaking, and truly noble in my opinion. Their mission statement is to form a more inclusive and equitable future in type and design by increasing access to education.




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