OH no Type Company.

Ohno Type School: A


You might expect the crossbar on A to hit exactly at the center, but nah…


That leaves A feeling really high-waisted, and ugly AF.

What we want is a balance between the top and bottom negative spaces.


Call it water, air, sand, crushed hopes and dreams, whatever! The important thing is that those two negative spaces are close to each other in size.


Another failure of geometry is the stroke weight where joints occur.


Completely even stroke weight would give us a joint that appears way too heavy!


I can get carried away with this, but you don’t have to be so dramatic. Important: joints should thin out a bit, and they don’t define your contrast.


  • Geometry will fail you!
  • If it looks wrong, it is wrong.
  • A high-waist should be intentional.
  • Don’t get stuck with an expensive car payment!

Next up → B.

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Covik Sans Bold
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