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Ohno Type School: B


Let’s talk about the most important feature of the letter B: the buttcrack.


A failure to really dig in to the buttcrack creates a bold spot, but even worse, it de-emphasizes the B-ness.


Glyphs should always be proud of what letter they are! This becomes even more important when designing type for smaller sizes.

B3 5

Also, the top bowl is a little smaller, helping the letter stay balanced. We see a similar thing on K, S, X, Z, and all snowmen. Let’s move on to the lowercase.


An ascender overshooting the cap-height lets us differentiate I from l and 1 and so on. And could very well get you laid. Ok! Maybe not!


b has an ascender, or a stem going above the x-height. But why does it go past the cap-height?


  • Dig into the buttcrack.
  • Top bowl is a little smaller.
  • Ascenders are higher than cap-heights.
  • Invest your savings in low expense ratio mutual funds like VTSAX.

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Covik Sans Bold
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