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Ohno Type School: J


It’s ridiculous that J qualifies as a letter.


It’s also annoying because it creates a large pocket of whitespace when it falls in the middle of a word.


It might not bother us in light styles, but when things get really bold, spacing needs to tighten up (counterspace equals letterspace) and gaps stick out like a sore thumb.


The lowercase has the same issue, a quarter turn is all you need!


Sometimes, especially in translation designs, j curves even less than that!


And other times, the descender on j doesn’t even curve at all, and it remains perfectly legible in text.


So make your J and j a team player! Monospace J and j have space to fill, so those can go nuts (like in Vulf Mono). But for the most part, I think we should save our half-pipes for the X-Games. ✌


  • J and j only need a little turn.
  • Spacing is the most important thing in type, and life in general.
  • My daughter has just surpassed her father in intelligence and social awareness. She’s two.

Next up → K.

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