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Ohno Type School: K


We already know that horizontals appear heavier than verticals. The same is true (albeit less so) for diagonals.


But the real secret to a successful K is the careful consideration of the three pockets of negative space.


If you’re not careful about how the diagonals join, you could end up with a K that has a bulky joint, and the negative spaces all out of whack.


In all sorts of styles, we look for a way to equalize the three negative spaces. the top diagonal doesn’t even have to connect in some styles.


In the lowercase, k is very similar to K, but has an ascender, and the right doesn’t go beyond the x-height.


For some reason, it’s extremely common for students to let k’s top diagonal extend beyond the x-height. I have no clue why.


K is really tricky, and can be extremely frustrating. Just like every glyph, attempting a bold version can help stress test your solutions, and refine your system. Now go work on a bold, k? ✌


  • The secret that unlocks a good K and k is the careful consideration of negative space.
  • The right of k lives within the x-height, and doesn’t ascend.
  • Remember that life is a journey, and know how much I love you.

Next up → L.

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