OH no Type Company.

Ohno Type School: L


Ls huge negative space makes it apain for spacing.


In TypeMedia, I learned that difficult combinations are not the exception, they should be treated like the rule.


For this reason, an L that is relatively narrow creates the fewest spacing problems. L can get narrower than you might think without impacting legibility.


We can do a pretty gnarly job of filling the space if you have serifs to play with.


In script, the capitals have all sorts of options for how fancy they get, but the basic architecture remains the same.


In the lowercase, ls exotic form will blow your mind.


Often, adding a curve at the baseline aids in the differentiation of I, l, and 1.


In serif styles, l has a serif placement very similar to 1, so having a higher ascender than your figures helps out when writing down wifi passwords. ✌


  • Try making an L that is a bit narrower than you might think.
  • Differentiate your I, l, & 1.
  • The Ernie Ball logotype is tied with the House Industries logotype for the greatest of all time..

Next up → M.

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