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Ohno Type School: T


T is another letter like A, V, Y, and L (etc) where legibility depends on huge pockets of negative space on the outsides of the shape.


This is particularly problematic when trying to achieve tight spacing, for instance in a super bold design.


All we can do is make T a little narrower. The above quote from [Erik van Blokland](http://letterror.com) blew my mind when I heard it, and it is some of the best and most succinct advice on spacing out there.


For the seriffed T, you can make those top vertical serifs quite big. They do a good job of filling in space!


Now it’s time to address one of the most common mistakes among all students of type and lettering.


The top of t isn’t a normal ascender, it is much shorter.


The seriffed version of t doesn’t even have serifs! And look how short it can be. Wow, that’s short.


In almost every style, the crossbar hangs from the top of the x-height.


Here’s the big idea: whenever you’re not sure about the conventions in a particular contrast model, just check out some reference. You aren’t stealing, you’re building upon hundreds of years of history. ✌


  • Tricky pairs are the rule, not the exception to the rule.
  • t is shorter, and has no serif up on top.
  • I always try to do these posts in 7 slides, and they always take 9.

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