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Ohno Type School: U


I don’t have to even tell you the most common mistake found on U. It rears its ugly head on hand-lettered sandwich boards the world over.


The notorious double-thick U. It is as prevalent as it is hideous. It will never die—only regenerate in a slightly different form.


Hundreds of years of tradition says that (in typefaces with normal contrast), the right side of U is treated as a thin.


Respecting that tradition aids in legibility, as most folks have been reading Us with contrast their whole lives.


In some classical designs, uppercase U takes a form very similar to the lowercase. We even see this on the Trajan Column.


In sans land, the u is just an upside down n. Isn’t that crazy?


But in the serif form, we see that u is no longer an upside-down n.


That’s all I feel compelled to say about u. It is a humble little creature. Respect it, and it will respect u.


  • Uppercase U is usually thick on the left, and thin on the right.
  • u is an upside down n in sans, but slightly different in serifs.
  • Loretta was obsessed with Frozen, then Frozen 2, then Coco, and now Trolls. I think all four are fantastic cinematic achievements.

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