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Ohno Radio Episode 17: Erik Marinovich


It's been a bit of a break, but we're back with a sort of special episode where I interview my friend Erik Marinovich. I've been friends with Erik for years, so I went into this episode with no notes and no research! Erik and I chat every week, and over the past year I've been helping out with him launching his own type foundry. Today is special because today, right now, these things that he's been working on are available for the first time! Erik has a background in lettering, and of course that’s still a part of his livelihood but we wanted to document the birth of a foundry, and the transition that someone takes going from something else, to the world of selling fonts. Maybe you can get something out of our conversation because maybe you're doing the same thing. At any rate, I hope you enjoy this conversation with Erik Marinovich, of Nuform Type.




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