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Ohno Radio Episode 18: Lizy Gershenzon and Travis Kochel


It was TypeCon Portland 2012 where I first got to meet Travis and Lizy, and was immediately impressed with how gregarious Lizy is, and this was right around the time that Travis’ typeface Chartwell came out. They both seemed nice a smart, and they would usually head out to Typecon, so it was easy to maintain a friendship with them. I remember a specific moment when hanging out with the two of them just felt like being at summer camp or something. Nice, smart, hardworking, genuine folks. Then many years later they reached out to talk about an idea they had to release typefaces in versions, before they're totally finished. Around that time I had just done a series on my instagram that was 50 unfinished typefaces. I guess they saw that and thought I'd be a collaborator on that project and we began working together to assemble the first group of foundry partners. I did a lot of the branding work, Travis and Lizy handled everything about for the website, and I got to witness first hand the level of detail that Tbone and Lizy bring to a project. These folks sweat details. I cannot reiterate that enough. They're possessed. It's a level of craft that goes across every discipline, whether its design, or messaging, or interfaces, or typefaces, Travis and Lizy, think about it. A lot. Of course they have done more typefaces over the years, and brought lots of other projects to life, but I think Future Fonts is really a perfect example of everything they can do. Now I'm not participating much on Future Fonts these days, cause I just wanted to focus on running Ohno, but they have taken it an RAN. If you're listening to this podcast you probably know about it already, but what you might not know is that there were a lot of other projects that came before. There was Exif, a way for photographer to protect their work online. Notch, an iphone app for keeping score of analog games, all their work for Design Week Portland and XOXO Fest, and now they're putting up a new label Vectro, for all their type design. They have a forthcoming release with the intriguing title of Kablammo, and honestly, I just wanted to catch up with them. So we recorded the conversation and here it is.





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