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Ohno Radio Episode 19: Christian Schwartz


Here's why I like Christian Schwartz. Ok, the guy was like a type design wunderkind. Christian was releasing type—not just designing—at age 15. So that's page 1 of this bio. Now where does he go from there? The banger of bangers Neutraface. He does that when he’s 25! What was I doing when I was 25? Jack Shit is what I was doin. Anyhow, Christian has released world class type at every foundry known to man, won every award, worked with some very very fancy clients, but honestly, I don't care. All I care about, is when I see Christian, all he wants to talk about is, how cute his kids are. He is a sweet, sweet man, and he's always been really kind to me. I hope you enjoy this interview, with Christian Schwartz.






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