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Ohno Radio Episode 22: Rutherford Craze


Today on the show we have Rutherford Craze, the designer behind the foundry Mass Driver. In just about 2 years, Rutherford has taken his Mass Driver from a little baby, to a fully adult foundry. It’s a truly remarkable trajectory, and I wanted to talk with him, and just see how he did it. You might have seen his Future Fonts release entitled MD Nichrome, and you might have also seen his other Mass Driver releases like MD IO, MD Primer, and MD System. His work is meticulously clean, and technically impressive—but his talents seem to go beyond just producing excellent typefaces. The marketing is genuine, and on point. His website is beautifully designed, he even has a few free web tools he's made available—so here’s the thing: If you’re looking for the blueprint in setting up a niche business, just look at Rutherford, because he seems to have it all figured out. I was eager to catch up, see how the pandemic has treated him, and why he moved back to The Hague.





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